What Is Closed (And Open) on Columbus Day 2018


What Is Closed (And Open) on Columbus Day 2018

Columbus" own 1492 "discovery' of America is controversial itself with some pointing out Viking explorer Leif Erikson arrived long before the Italian.

But Columbus Day is somewhat of an oddity among holidays, and not only because of the controversy over whether or not we should honor the famous explorer who "discovered" America in the first place. Columbus Day is a federal holiday, but, unlike most federal holidays the USA financial and stock markets are open for business.

For Joe Curtatone, the mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts, the decision was easy.

The Columbus Italian Club posted a link on Facebook to a Dispatch article about the city's decision not to celebrate Columbus Day with a single thumbs down emoji as its lone commentary.

"This issue is a lot like the Confederate flag for southerners". Instead, they are skipping the holiday to better honor veterans.

"As we reflect on the adventurers throughout history who charted new courses and sought new heights", Obama's statement said, "let us remember the communities who suffered, and let us pay tribute to our heritage and embrace the multiculturalism that defines the American experience". "Yet the specifics of this holiday run so deep into human suffering that we need to shift our pride elsewhere", he said.

- It is Columbus Day across much of the country, but some Minnesota cities are celebrating a different holiday. "Use this day to celebrate the entire culture, celebrate Italians and indigenous both". But it also included a passage about how the early European explorers and colonists ushered in what would be several centuries of displacing and exploiting Native American populations.

So what did Columbus really do?

A follow-up tweet on Monday followed the same tack, ignoring the indigenous peoples of the Americas, but praising Columbus's "accomplishments as a navigator" (Columbus thought he had landed in Asia).

Read comments from 614now readers about changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day.

"It was far more brutal than we had known", Consuelo Varela, a historian and author of the book The Fall of Columbus has said.

If the Left is looking for something else to clutch their pearls over following the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, President Trump offered it up handily Monday morning by gleefully celebrating Christopher Columbus on Columbus Day. Of note, in Hawaii the second Monday in October is known as Discoverers' Day, and it is not a state holiday.

Presidents typically write proclamations for every major American holiday.

Indigenous Peoples Day is the same day as Columbus Day, which this year is on October 8, 2018. The Columbus Day Italian Parade still continued as usual Sunday.

"We have a number of veterans who work for the city, and there are so many here in Columbus", Davis said.



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