Susan Collins Believes There’s A "Silver Lining" To The Kavanaugh Allegations


Susan Collins Believes There’s A

"I really have little interest in what she has to say", Collins told CNN when asked to respond to the latest criticism, accusing Rice of lacking legal ties to the state.

The potential challengers are nearly all women, including a high-profile pair who have vacation homes in the state but are both residents of New York City. "Who wants to run for Senate in ME?" she tweeted.

Collins (R-Maine) was seen as a swing vote in the associate judge's confirmation to the high court after he was accused of sexual assault as a high school student.

Upon her arrival in her home state, the newspaper reported, "Police escorted her off the flight separate from other passengers after it landed at Bangor International Airport, avoiding about 20 protesters at the airport terminal".

"This is a classic quid-pro-quo as defined in our bribery laws", Collins said, adding: "I think that if our politics has come to the point where people are trying to buy votes and buy positions, then we are in a very sad place". So it's not completely insane.

Addressing Kavanaugh's demeanor during the hearing, Collins said she believed Kavanaugh "stepped over the line" by referring to revenge for an orchestrated plot by the Clintons in his opening statement and his responses to certain senators, including Amy Klobuchar.

There was a glimmer of hope in Collins' speech for those who believe Roe was wrongly decided. Some of her most famous gems include stating that America needs to stand with its North Korean allies and declaring that gun-free zones amount to "stupid on steroids". 2020 reelection raised more than $3.6 million for a yet-to-be-determined Democratic challenger.

On Saturday night, Trump portrayed his successful confirmation vote on Kavanaugh as a reason voters should elect Republicans in next month's nationwide congressional elections, when the political control of Congress is at stake.

Susan Rice, who was President Barack Obama's national security adviser, said Sunday she'll decide after next month's midterm elections whether to run for the Senate from ME in 2020 and try to unseat Republican Sen.

"In their quest for power, the radical Democrats have turned into an angry mob", Trump said at a rally in Kansas on Saturday.

Susan Collins called Dr. Ford a liar today on television.

"Unlike Supreme Court judges, Senators do not enjoy a lifetime guarantee of their seat; they are accountable to the people", Follayttar said. Planned Parenthood even gave her an award past year.

Key Republican votes are either retiring (Jeff Flake of Arizona) or are not up for reelection until 2020 (Susan Collins of Maine) or 2022 (Lisa Murkowski of Alaska).

Collins was a legitimate hero when she voted for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Collins said she believed that Ford was a sexual assault survivor.

"Over the years, the people of Maine have trusted me to exercise my best judgment".

Rather than feeling condemnation for either, I felt that both acquitted themselves with honor, intelligence and virtue, and each put the well-being of the nation first in their decisions. "I'm going to give it due consideration after the midterms".



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