See Christian Bale as Dick Cheney in new trailer for "Vice"


See Christian Bale as Dick Cheney in new trailer for

Adam McKay of "The Big Short" directs the film, which starts with Cheney's early career under the Nixon administration and follows him through the Ford and Bush administrations.

Christian Bale plays Cheney in the new film Vice, and a trailer for the flick was released by Annapurna Pictures on Wednesday.

Vice takes what looks like a heavily stylized tour through the life of Cheney, as portrayed by a moody and growling Christian Bale.

Will Ferrell and Kevin Messick from McKay's Gary Sanchez Productions serve as the show's producers, along with Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, and Jeremy Kleiner from Pitt's Plan B.

The 12-second teaser opens with a heavyset, bespectacled Bale-as-Cheney marching down a bleak hallway, with the words "some vices are more risky than others" superimposed over the frame. Lily Rabe (American Horror Story, The Wizard of Lies) has been cast as Liz Cheney, Dick and Lynne's daughter who is a strong defender for Cheney's neoconservatism and has carried on the family name as a source of political power.

"Vice" is scheduled to be released on December 25. Powell's reluctance to pursue that strategy again during President George W. Bush's first-term (Powell was his Secretary of State) led to growing animosity between Powell and neoconservatives like Cheney, Rumsfeld, and others.

Prosthetics and some serious weight gain helped transform the 44-year-old Bale into the then-67-year-old Cheney, and the results make Bale unrecognizable, which is exactly how he'd want it.

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