Peterborough Labour Party calls for World Mental Health Day support


Peterborough Labour Party calls for World Mental Health Day support

These figures highlight the importance of helping people to better understand and take action on their own mental health.

There is both a crisis in services available for children and young people when they experience difficulties with their mental health and a growing understanding that the bulk of the mental health difficulties that adults experience have their onset before the age of 14. It will also teach those kids, as well as other kids who don't have anything, that mental illnesses are not scary and everyone can still be amongst each other without problems.

Today (Wednesday, October 10) is World Mental Health Day, but there is still a stigma associated with mental health conditions according to the Peterborough Labour Party (PLP).

This year's event will be crowned with a public lecture on mental health at the Ebenezer Presbyterian Church Hall at Osu in Accra.

The observing Mental Health Week under the theme "Young People in Mental Health, in a Changing World" and nurse Morris-Willis said, sensitising the youth on the issue of mental health is critical. SADAG says that university students may experience depression, stress and anxiety on a daily basis without realising they are suffering from a mental illness.

"By the time you finish reading this, at least six people will have killed themselves around the world. Traditionally, we have looked at the physical benefits of being active, but this is one of the first analyses to really explore different qualities of physical activity when considering mental wellbeing, and it's shown that it deserves more attention", said Grant Robertson.

The major causes of early death of people with mental illness are cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and cancer.

The South Wales-based business has been working with mental health charity Mates in Mind to break the stigma surrounding mental health in the construction industry and train key members of staff to recognise mental health issues in colleagues and help counsel them through their problems.

"I had been going through an extremely tough year with my own physical health and my loved ones were also going through extremely hard situations, I found my own mental health deteriorating rapidly". Some mental health issues require medication, hospitalization, talk-therapy or a various combination of all.

Speaking on the second day of the Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit in London, Mr Stevens said the "broader influences" on young people's mental health must be addressed.

The firm said today that seven employees have undergone accredited mental health training with St John Ambulance.

The focus of this year's WMHD is on young people. These bonds would fund housing for those with mental illness who are homeless.



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