McConnell: Kavanaugh deserved an up-or-down vote


McConnell: Kavanaugh deserved an up-or-down vote

Grisham did not immediately respond to a follow-up question on what the first lady's prior commitment was.

Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell and other Republicans have been reveling in their post-confirmation gloating, and according to the New York Times, McConnell even told Donald Trump "we're only at halftime", when the president called him, concerned, during the break between Dr. Ford's testimony and Kavanaugh's.

In August, a CNN/SSRS poll found that Brett Kavanaugh was the most unpopular Supreme Court nominee in modern American history, with 40 percent of Americans opposing his nomination, and only 37 percent supporting it.

The brutal hearing sparked a supplemental Federal Bureau of Investigation dive into Kavanaugh's background and a week-long delay of the Senate vote. Heidi Heitkamp defied her state's support for Trump and voted against Kavanaugh's confirmation.

"We were standing up for the presumption of innocence in this country", he said, "and secondly, we were literally under assault". "I'm against any kind of abuse or violence".

The allegations against the nominee were "all made up, it was fabricated and it was a disgrace", Mr Trump said.

Even though he was already sworn in, a swearing-in ceremony for Kavanaugh is set for 7 p.m. on Monday at the White House, prolonging a victory lap for Trump.

Melania Trump has backed her husband's decisions but not on all occasions, she explained during a rare conversation with reporters from Egypt.

"In the White House, aides gathered in Vice President Mike Pence's office in the Senate Dirksen Building were 'demoralized, ' officials said". "I think we have a momentum that hasn't been seen in years", he said.

Kavanaugh's confirmation means the nine-justice court now has a solid 5-4 conservative majority that is likely to move the court further to the right as it rules on contentious issues such as abortion, immigration, transgender rights, industry regulation and presidential powers. "Women will feel much more confident in the court when their fundamental rights are protected and their equal dignity is respected in the rulings handed down by the justices".

Democrats are pointing to the Republicans' handling of the Kavanaugh confirmation as one more reason to oppose the president who nominated him and mocked Ford.

With control of the House and Senate at stake on November 6, both parties have sought to channel anger over Kavanaugh.

Mr Kavanaugh also became emotional during his testimony in front of the Senate a fortnight ago as he denied Christine Blasey Ford's sexual assault allegations.

"Very, very good", Trump said.

"I think that's premature", Senator Christopher A. Coons, a member of the Senate judiciary committee, said on NBC's Meet the Press.

Trump has been holding rallies across the country as he tries to boost Republican turnout in November's midterm elections that will determine which party will control the House and Senate during the second half of Trump's term.

Kavanaugh, who was confirmed and sworn in as the 114th justice on Saturday, announced the plan during his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. "It's a disgusting attack that nobody should have to go through", he said.

And the judge has only grown more disliked in the weeks since. Besides, the court fight was firing up Republican voters ahead of the midterm elections in ways the GOP leader said he couldn't have imagined.



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