Kavanaugh Questioned in 1985 After Bar Fight - for Throwing Ice


Kavanaugh Questioned in 1985 After Bar Fight - for Throwing Ice

A report released Tuesday by police in New Haven, Connecticut, says Kavanaugh was questioned after the 1985 incident, but wasn't arrested.

According to the police report, Chris Dudley, one of Kavanaugh's friends, threw a glass at a man, hitting him in the ear, which caused his right ear to bleed.

The police report reported that it was ice, not a bottle, but law enforcement was alerted, and Kavanaugh - who attended a prep school with its own nine-hole golf course - was questioned but not arrested.

Lynne Brookes, former roommate to Ramirez, also spoke on Cuomo's show to dispute Kavanaugh's testimony saying that a number of her Yale classmates were "extremely disappointed" in Kavanaugh's characterization of himself.

President Donald Trump has stood by Kavanaugh, but seemed to veer off script Monday when he said that he was "surprised at how vocal" Kavanaugh was about discussing his beer drinking.

Ludington said Kavanaugh was trying to figure out whether a man at the bar was UB40 lead singer Campbell, who would have been coming from the concert and in his 20s at the time. But Kavanaugh's willingness to lie under oath "should have outcome", he said. When approached, the man said something aggressive, and Kavanaugh escalated the situation by throwing his drink at him.

Kavanaugh was described as "belligerent and aggressive" by Ludington, who said he would provide the Federal Bureau of Investigation with information "detailing violent drunken behavior by Kavanaugh in college".

"There's no problem with drinking beer in college".

"Brett and I did not socialize beyond the first few days of freshman year".

The report was a weird twist in Kavanaugh's continuing attempts to make it to the Supreme Court, and provided a rare opportunity for some levity to those following the story. "In this climate, had he simply said "I don't remember" or even 'If I did these things in my youth I am sorry, ' he might have sailed through the confirmation process". The information came after Trump told reporters on Monday that the bureau should "interview anybody that they want within reason, but you have to say within reason". "Not one time", Dudley said. He intends to take his information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Monday morning, but it's not clear those investigating the Supreme Court nominee will be interested in hearing it.

Kavanaugh repeatedly admitted drinking beer during his committee testimony, pushing back against some members' questions about just how much he drank.

The altercation allegedly happened three years after Mr Kavanaugh is accused of sexually assaulting Christine Blasey Ford at a party.



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