Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who debut was fantastic - but it made one mistake


Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who debut was fantastic - but it made one mistake

You can check out both clips below!

Apart from the Doctor, who's still disorientated after the regeneration, quipping that she was "a white-haired Scotsman" only half-an-hour earlier, the transformation is batted aside in favour of jumping straight into the action. And as one of the tweets says above, wouldn't it have been something to see three generations of women aboard the TARDIS in Doctor Who season 11?

Whittaker's first outing as the Doctor also almost doubled the ratings for the BBC One series when compared with the first episode of the previous run in 2017, which had an average overnight audience of 4.6 million.

The Thirteenth Doctor is, of course, is of course depicted as she appears on the hit BBC sci-fi adventure, with a rainbow-striped T-shirt, suspenders, cropped trousers, hooded trench coat and lace-up (albeit plastic) boots, looking as if she just stepped out of the TARDIS. I already love everything about her so much.

What kind of equipment is Doctor Who filmed with? It took the edge off the episode for me, as I was constantly waiting for her demise, and the more I knew it was coming, the more disappointed I became.

Her death isn't the catalyst which causes the others to go travelling with the Doctor (as we saw in the final minutes, that's down to a transporter accident), and in terms of interesting companions, Grace feels much more well-rounded than Graham who barely makes an impression on the episode.

"This production value and writing is everything I've always wanted this show to be". But also all that hard work is done because, Chris Chibnall the show runner is such an incredible writer that it's all there on the page and you don't need to have an encyclopaedic knowledge to watch the show.

Remember when you first watched Day of the Doctor, a special the BBC threw a ton of money behind since it was a big event?

Another person added: "Loved the show, but my American hubby kept asking me what she was saying and I had to explain about the spoons, it being Sheffield..."

Viewers also enjoyed Whittaker's Huddersfield accent.

The Doctor is in. big time.

We were soon on familiar ground, as Whittaker's Doctor chased a mysterious, Predator-inspired alien through the streets of Sheffield.



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