Fortnite Season 6 Now Out


Fortnite Season 6 Now Out

Epic Games has added a lot of new features to the popular video game, a new Battle Pass, and map changes.

Players who purchase the game's Battle Pass will be able to carry pets around with them including a dog, lizard and a tiny dragon. All three feature their own animations and personality, and each comes with its own slight variation on the same backpack.

Fortnite Season 6 continues the tradition of hiding Battle Pass stars inside of unlockable loading screens, allowing players further ways to rank up their unlockable tiers.

Fortnite's corrupted areas are arguably the biggest addition in a season 6 map.

As for the map, players will find that there are "corrupted areas" now (dark patches in image above), which is where you may come across Shadow Stones. You can't use your weapon when you're invisible, but you can use your primary fire button to phase through objects. Stand still and you'll be invisible to other players. And when you are moving, you will simply leave a shadow trail behind as you move. Also, they're pretty adorable.

The beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was opened a couple of days ago and this game managed to dethrone Fortnite from its position as the most streamed game on Twitch in less than a day. While in this form, players have increased movement, higher jumps, and are immune to fall damage.

It does make you wonder though how much time games developers spend creating physics models for their own personal entertainment.

Impulse grenades, the silenced submachine gun, the light machine gun, bouncer pads, and remote explosives have all been vaulted. As you collect more XP, complete challenges, and level up the battle pass, Calamity gets more elaborate outfits, including a black leather trench coat and spike-lined gloves.



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