Collins: ‘I do not believe that Brett Kavanaugh was’ Ford’s assailant


Collins: ‘I do not believe that Brett Kavanaugh was’ Ford’s assailant

The vote gave Trump his second appointee to the court, tilting it further to the right and pleasing conservative voters who might have revolted against GOP leaders had Kavanaugh's nomination flopped.

Kennedy, (Retired) administers the Judicial Oath to Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh in the Justices Conference Room, Supreme Court Building. Kavanaugh was confirmed Saturday 50-48.

Protesters also disrupted the vote itself in the US Senate multiple times before being dragged from the public galleries, yelling "Coward!" at lawmakers who backed Mr Kavanaugh.

His nomination will tip the Supreme Court's balance in favour of conservatives, and Mr Kavanaugh's opponents fear he will curtail abortion rights and weaken gun control.

But the Mr Kavanaugh spectacle, fueled by extraordinary accusations and counter-claims in nationally televised hearings, and tense battles over an 11th-hour FBI investigation to address the assault allegations, has inflamed political passions.

Unpopular overall and a factor for the midterms: Even before the sexual misconduct allegations against him, Kavanaugh had been polling as one of the least popular Supreme Court nominees in recent times However, a recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll found that amid the Kavanaugh controversy, the gap in the enthusiasm between Republicans and Democrats for the midterms has closed.

The narrow Republican majority in the Senate almost unanimously supported his appointment to become the country's 114th Supreme Court justice while all but one Democratic lawmaker opposed his nomination.

As protesters chanted "Shame!" and "November is coming!" police took several dozen demonstrators down the steps and put them in plastic flex-cuffs.

Collins also reacted to the fiery protests in the days leading up to the Senate vote.

But Mr Thompson scoffed at the idea that Mr Kavanaugh's nomination will help Democrats in next month's mid-term elections.

Democratic senators, who had battled hard to block the 53-year-old judge, insisted the caustic battle over Kavanaugh would galvanize Democrats at the polls.

But Senator Ed Markey insisted the drama playing out will only galvanize Democrats to deliver a "devastating" blow to Republicans at the ballot box.

The only party dissenters were Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, who had meant to vote no, and Democrat Joe Manchin, who voted yes.

Collins indicated that the effort did not affect her vote.

Their announcements brought the number of senators supporting Kavanaugh to 51 in the 100-member chamber.

During the debate over Kavanaugh, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of NY said Trump and the GOP "conducted one of the least transparent, least fair, most biased processes" in history, and he predicted that it would drive more Democrats to the polls.

US President Donald Trump pauses while speaking during a campaign rally at Kansas Expocentre, October 6, 2018 in Topeka, Kansas.

Trump told reporters aboard the flight he is certain one of Kavanaugh's accusers, California professor Christine Blasey Ford, named the wrong person when she identified Kavanaugh as the man who assaulted her when the two were in high school. Garland wasn't given a confirmation hearing or Senate vote. By making a deeply personal incident, sexual assault, public at a critical moment for the country, she has done a great service not just for the many women who have similar experiences, but for society on a whole.

"It certainly had a good impact for us", and added that the Democrat's tactics "have turned our base on fire".

Anticipating Kavanaugh's confirmation, some groups have explored the impeachment process for removing him from the high court.

Maybe Manchin should re-register as a Republican if he wins re-election, which he very well cold handily, despite West Virginia being a deep-red state.

The Maine Republican, who cast a pivotal vote to confirm Kavanaugh, tells CNN's "State of the Union" that "I do not believe that Brett Kavanaugh was her assailant".

Despite her opposition to Kavanaugh, Murkowski ultimately withdrew herself from the final tally as a gesture of goodwill toward her Republican colleague, Sen. But they were not immediately visible in the area around the legislature.

So how did he celebrate once it became clear Friday the nominee had the votes for confirmation? "That was Jeff Flake, Lisa Murkowski and myself", Collins said.



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