California Governor Signs Net Neutrality Bill, FCC Calls It ‘Illegal’


California Governor Signs Net Neutrality Bill, FCC Calls It ‘Illegal’

He added, "once again the California legislature has enacted an extreme and illegal state law attempting to frustrate federal policy".

Oregon, Washington, Vermont and NY have also introduced net neutrality legislation, however, the Department of Justice has yet to take legal action.

Right to repair: California will become the 18th state to introduce legislation so you can fix your electronics yourself.

"Courts have consistently held that when the federal government lacks authority to regulate, it can not preempt states from regulating", said Andrew Schwartzman, a lecturer in public interest law at Georgetown University.

California's new net neutrality law prohibits slowing down or blocking access to content and a ban on zero rating.

Yesterday one of the toughest net neutrality bills now being considered in the United States was signed into law by the Governor of California. USTelecom, which represents companies in the broadband sector, said it supports net neutrality but disagreed with the California law.

The Trump administration repealed the Obama era rules on net neutrality in December 2017.

Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown adopts its own net neutrality law prompting the Justice Department to sue the state in an effort to block what's describe as the
CA gov. signs net neutrality bill into law, Justice Department sues

As State Senator Weiner said in a statement, within minutes of the signing, Attorney General Jeff Sessions "came out of his cave and sued California to strike down the law", but Weiner said he is confident that California will be able to fend off the federal challenge.

The bill, SB 822, will prevent internet service providers in the state from slowing down access to websites or charging firms, like Netflix or YouTube, a fee to speed up connections.

"An agency that has no power to regulate has no power to preempt the states", she said. In 1978, Congress deregulated the airline industry - eliminating the Civil Aeronautics Board and its rules governing airfare prices - and barred the states from enacting their own, state-level replacements. "We are confident that we will prevail in this case -because the facts are on our side".

The bill would have required all California public university student health clinics to provide students with Mifeprex.

Consumer advocacy groups touted the law as offering the strongest internet protections in the country. "California won - and California will fight this lawsuit as well". Of course, USA carriers were not celebrating.

It's possible that the case involving California could be subjected to a stay until the D.C. Circuit litigation works itself out. However, the Justice Department filed a lawsuit an hour after it was greenlighted by Brown, seeking to block one of the toughest net-neutrality laws ever to have been passed in the US.



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