Africans love US Great First Lady


Africans love US Great First Lady

The US First Lady heads to Egypt on the final leg of her African tour after a packed Friday schedule that saw her visit State House Nairobi for talks with her host First Lady Margaret Kenyatta among other engagements in Nairobi.

In Malawi, she greeted school children at Chipala Primary School.

The singing and dancing performance then continued outside, where Melania read a story to the same group of children who had walked up the pathway with her, before being read a story by a young a boy.

She is now in Malawi and will end up visiting Kenya and Egypt to complete her week-long visit to Africa.

However her choice of a white colonial-style pith helmet while on safari drew some criticism on Twitter, with one person comparing her look to that of a "colonial administrator".

But observers were further taken aback by the tone-deaf outfit the first lady wore in Kenya.

"When people think of Africa, they have these standard narratives", Dionne said.

Mrs Trump's visit to Kenya was the third stop on her Africa tour, which began on Tuesday in Ghana.

Donald Trump had earlier in an infamous comment referred to African nations as "shithole countries".

Melenia Trump's visit to Africa could be made hard because of the past actions and words of her husband President Donald Trump reportedly used a vulgar and insulting term to describe African nations.

In a tweet, President Trump said his wife has been well received on the continent and Africans love her.

The First Lady fed an elephant and met with national park workers.

The national park is where 105 tonnes of ivory have been burned to discourage the trade. "Do U?" jacket she wore on the way to visit detained migrant children in Texas in June. His administration has moved to lift a ban on some elephant trophy imports.



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