With Trump in crisis, Pence waits in his shadow


With Trump in crisis, Pence waits in his shadow

Vice-president Mike Pence says he is "100% confident" that none of his staff were behind an anonymous article that described Donald Trump as "amoral" and "erratic". Pence would likely pass the lie detector test that Sen.

"And why would we be, Margaret?" I know their character. I mean, the reason why we're making the progress we're making all across this country - rebuilding our military, restoring American strength in the world, seeing the opportunity for peace emerge on the Korean Peninsula - we're hearing, we're expecting a letter as we speak from Kim Jong Un communicating again, as he did last week, his reaffirmation of his commitment to denuclearization. Between his sycophancy, which moved George Will to say that Pence could be "America's most repulsive figure", and his widely noted absences, Pence has established a record that would make him blameless but also acceptable as a successor. In Trump's Cabinet alone, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar were both Pence people before they joined the Trump team.

As the Woodward book and the op-ed pile new pressures on Trump, the Russian Federation investigation being carried out by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III remains a constant theme.

The search for the mysterious New York Times op-ed author is ongoing and it appears all the top members of the Trump administration are suspects.

Pence said the White House was waiting to determine whether criminal activity was involved, adding Trump was concerned the anonymous author may have had responsibilities in the area of national security.

"But no one wanted to precipitate a constitutional crisis", the official wrote.

"We have a Constitution. If this person really believed in their convictions, put their name on it, stand up and resign". The vice president said he had never been involved in any such conversation.

"I think this person is going to suss himself or herself out", Conway said.

Some Democrats, meanwhile, argued that the op-ed and Trump's response to it are proof that the president is not fit to serve.

"Does this President not understand that the Justice Department is not a tool of his own personal power?"

"I don't have any desire to beat this President up, but it's pretty clear that this White House is a reality-show, soap-opera presidency", Sasse, a frequent Trump critic said on NBC's "Meet the Press". Mark Warner, D-Va., said on CNN in response to Trump's call for an investigation.

Information for this article was contributed by Michael Scherer of The Washington Post.



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