Will Trump fire Rod Rosenstein over Russian Federation interference probe?


Will Trump fire Rod Rosenstein over Russian Federation interference probe?

And Trump's behaviour had prompted "whispers" in the Cabinet of invoking the 25th Amendment, a move that was backed away from due to concerns it would "precipitate a constitutional crisis", the writer said.

A person who was in the room when Rosenstein mentioned secret recordings said the deputy AG was clearly sarcastic. If Trump told Rosenstein to include Russian Federation in the memo and Rosenstein opted not to, that arguably makes him even more of what is known as a "fact witness" in the case. They say Rosenstein won't resign and the WH will have to fire him.

The Hill: "Insubordination Versus Obstruction: Has The New York Times Given Trump His Long-Sought License To Clean House At Justice?". Let's face facts: Knowing what we know about this administration, it would much more shocking if nobody had ever brought it up. Trump has repeatedly branded the investigation a "witch hunt" and complained that Rosenstein is "conflicted" because he is a witness in the investigation after writing a letter advocating the firing of former FBI Director James Comey over his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. "Running a Russian Federation collusion investigation, not one of them".

But that wasn't all the president had done. Trump fired Comey later that day, prompting fury from Democrats.

Then came one of Andrew McCabe's memos.

McCabe was sacked by Sessions in March after the Justice Department's internal watchdog accused him of misconduct. "We can do things very quickly".

Nobody knows who leaked this story to the Times.

All reporting on this affair should be taken with a few grains of salt. If Donald Trump wanted to part with his deputy attorney general, he was going to have to utter his signature catchphrase.

"The President is in charge of the executive branch, and Mueller, as the special counsel, is a subordinate in that branch of the government". He's clearly right about that.

If Rosenstein were to resign instead of being fired, it would allow the White House to use the Vacancies Reform Act to fill his role.

'I won't get ahead of the president's decision-making. But Rosenstein and Trump spoke by phone later Monday and chose to meet in person on Thursday.

According to the newspaper, Mr Rosenstein had also suggested surreptitiously recording the president in order to expose the chaos in the White House.

Rosenstein issued an immediate statement denying the allegations. It's a bad situation either way.

"We will make a determination", the Republican president told Fox News in the radio interview, which aired on Monday.

Rosenstein's future ignited a series of conflicting reports on Monday, with the Axios news website cited an unidentified source with knowledge of the matter as saying he had verbally resigned to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

Trump said to reporters in NY: "I spoke with Rod today, and we'll see what happens".

This is a confounding story. Those outlets reported that people who heard Rosenstein's comments say he was joking. Perhaps that's the idea.

It's unclear what will happen Thursday. The Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are now following the lead of the White House, breaking down into competing camps with opaque agendas and self-serving leaks to the media.

One Justice Department official said Rosenstein is preparing to be fired. She was the victor of the 2014 Hillman Prize for Opinion and Analysis Journalism.



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