Who Is Bob Woodward? From Watergate to His New Book 'Fear'


Who Is Bob Woodward? From Watergate to His New Book 'Fear'

The New York Times on Wednesday published a nameless op-ed from "a senior official in the Trump administration" claiming to be part of an internal "resistance" holding the presidency together by undermining Trump's "worst inclinations".

Woodward, who has covered every administration since his groundbreaking coverage of President Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal, said yes.

Colbert also asked Woodward what he thought about Trump and some of his top officials - including James Mattis and John Kelly, who were quoted in the book - disparaging the new book.

In the piece, an unnamed senior administration official says people within the White House are actively "thwarting Mr. Trump's more misguided impulses".

Woodward told NBC that Mattis and Kelly made "political statements to protect their jobs" when they denied making quotations attributed to them in his book. "That's just the Washington denial machine", he said Monday, a familiar formula created to protect their jobs and preserve their relations with their boss.

"I don't think there's any one author", he told Fox News host Laura Ingraham on "The Ingraham Angle".

He praised Trump's legislative accomplishments, which he said Woodward's book ignores, and said the president "invites robust discussion" from aides. He said people in Trump's administration are anxious that the president will sign things or give orders that threaten US or world security and finances. Any book is going to be "selective", and whether the book is "misleading" is certainly debatable, though someone who worked inside the White House is hardly an objective observer. While the president expressed annoyance that Barack Obama was taking credit for the nation's economic success, he told one adviser that the former president's increased visibility would give Trump more chances to attack a figure who remained very unpopular with his base. Porter described Woodward's chapters as offering a "selective and often misleading portrait", specifically rebuffing a passage that claims Cohn snatched a document from Mr. Trump's desk that would have pulled the USA out of a trade agreement with South Korea. And that's what we got to do.

I knew that people in office in these sensitive positions were not going to talk on the record.

Asked if she was saying the op-ed constituted a misuse of classified information, Sanders replied, "Once again, it's something that the Department of Justice should simply look into, and that's for them to make that determination".

"[It] seems incredibly reckless for a book to make such outrageous claims, to not even take the time to get a $10 fact checker", she said. Trump has personally taken offense to the book's contents, which he described as "another assault against me".

"And what you want to do is say, do you have any documents or notes. and they say no, no, no".

"People who are well respected in this administration have come out and denied it", he commented.

During the meeting at Trump Tower in November 2016, Cohn touched on a series of economic issues, including the Federal Reserve.



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