Trump threatens to exclude Canada from new NAFTA deal


Trump threatens to exclude Canada from new NAFTA deal

"We make new deal or go back to pre-NAFTA!", Trump wrote as part of a subsequent post.

Freeland studiously avoided talking about the remarks all day, never once mentioning the president by name during her multiple media appearances, including a long-awaited news conference at the Canadian embassy.

Trump's remarks were immediately seized upon by the Canadian government as evidence that the White House has not been negotiating in good faith.

Sounding a more optimistic note, Freeland had said late in the week that "with good will and flexibility on all sides, I know we can get there". "These are deals which have been reworked to the advantage of the United States, but there are no more such renegotiations planned. this NAFTA negotiation is special - it's the last in the renegotiations that he wanted to undertake". Two of the sources said that Chapter 19 - which Canada wants to keep and the US wants to scrap - has not yet been resolved.

Trump tweeted Monday that Trumka 'represented his union poorly on television this weekend'. That sentiment appeared validated Friday morning when the Toronto Star published comments Trump had made in which he told Bloomberg journalists that negotiations to rework NAFTA would take place only on his terms.

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard was more blunt, telling reporters that Trump is not a friend to Canada. "So this idea of economic coercion, I think, is new to President Trump, and it's a tool that I think has become useful to the United States". "I understand you guys have obtained it; I'm not sure where you've obtained it from". The president also suggested he might leave Canada out of the new agreement - which would be called the "United States-Mexico Trade Agreement". The talks are scheduled to resume Wednesday in Washington.

The Trump administration had insisted that it wanted a deal by Friday, beginning a 90-day countdown that would let Mexico's Nieto sign the pact before leaving office. This week those meetings continued at all levels. "Big progress being made!"

USA officials say the negotiations will continue next week in an effort to reach an agreement.

Trumka's comments come after Trump warned Canada on Saturday that it "will be out" of a revised NAFTA deal unless it's "fair" to the USA, and threatened to scrap the current deal should Congress "interfere" with the negotiations. "Canada, of course, will only sign a deal which is good for Canada". Even the Vat Tax was not accounted for. Such a move, experts warn, would inflict heavy damage on the countries' deeply integrated auto sector.

"Off the record, Canada's working their ass off".

"We're still at a place with very depressed commodity prices, very low farm incomes", Roe said. The Impala is produced at the General Motors plant in Oshawa, Ontario.

Trumka also said of Trump: "The things that he's done to hurt workers outpace what he's done to help workers".

Trumka has praised Trump in the past for his stance on U.S.

One source said the US has not been stonewalling Canada on the matter, but has actually been gaming out ways the dispute-settlement process could be reworked.

Mr. Trump wants Canada to end its tariffs on dairy products, which can run almost 300 percent.

U.S. Trade Representative Robert E. Lighthizer said Canada could still join the U.S.



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