Tiger Woods Calls Nike’s Colin Kaepernick Ad A ‘Beautiful Spot’


Tiger Woods Calls Nike’s Colin Kaepernick Ad A ‘Beautiful Spot’

College of the Ozarks announced that it is choosing "country over company" and is dropping Nike over the sportswear company's use of the former National Football League player to promote the 30th anniversary of its "Just Do It" ad campaign. "That's a cultural influence, and they're understanding that our community - the African American community - moves the culture, moves the thread when it comes to apparel, and that's standing behind a community that has put Nike in the position that it's in right now".

Kneeling players have repeatedly been rebuked by President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence among others.

"Nike is free to campaign as it sees fit, as the College is free, and honor-bound by its mission and goals, to ensure that it respects our country and those who truly served and sacrificed", Linson said. Nike stock took an initial dip of 0.12% after the advert was revealed, but has since held up and had increased 1% by Friday.

The commercial this week has elicited strong reactions on both sides toward Nike.

It should be noted the overall response to the new Kaepernick ad has been positive.

It appears that this image of a Nike-branded "Make America Great Again" cap was posted in an attempt to "troll" pro-Trump conservatives who were upset over Kaepernick's endorsement deal ("Make America Great Again", or "MAGA", is a well-known Trump slogan).

Kaepernick has not played in the NFL since 2016, when he protested the treatment of minorities by police by first sitting, and later kneeling, during the national anthem. "Strong beliefs and tribalism probably mean more consumer decisions are made based on whether people or businesses are similar to them or not".

Many people have been taking to social media to rip apart Carrey's celebratory artwork, as well as Nike's deal with Kaepernick.

Two-time Academy Award victor James Woods publicly dropped stock in the company and encouraged others to do the same. It is scheduled to air during the NFL's season opener between the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons, and celebrates Kaepernick and other athletes.



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