Superman: Michael B. Jordan Reportedly Being Considered to Replace Henry Cavill


Superman: Michael B. Jordan Reportedly Being Considered to Replace Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill will longer play Superman due to contract negotiations with Warner Bros. falling apart.

The super-buzz on Wednesday surrounded a report by The Hollywood Reporter that Henry Cavill, who starred as Superman in three DC universe films, will no longer play the hero.

Warner Bros. has been looking at different angles to take with future Superman installments and is now focusing on a Supergirl movie as the studio's top priority.

THR says Cavill exited the role after talks between WB and Cavill's WME reps for a Shazam! cameo fell through.

'Superman is like James Bond, and after a certain run you have to look at new actors, ' a studio source has claimed to THR.

It's not exactly a forthcoming response, but it's definitely something that's likely to catch the attention of Warner Bros. executives as they attempt to navigate the future of their superhero movie slate.

Garcia's statement stops short of confirming whether Cavill has any plans to return as Superman, however.

Any potential casting would be "down the road" however, as Warner now focusing their might on a Supergirl film.

Plus, Man Of Steel made $668 million worldwide, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice made $873 million, and Justice League made $660 million. Then, just last week, we learned - though it's still not technically confirmed - that he's set to star in a Netflix adaptation of the popular video game and book series, The Witcher.

For the purposes of the upcoming movie, Supergirl is the teenage cousin of Superman.

Today, the voices of a great many Superman fans cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced as Henry Cavill reportedly has left the role of Clark Kent behind.

There is also the issue of the direction of the DC Universe. The studio was apparently not looking to make a solo Superman film in the immediate future - instead looking towards a Supergirl origin story.



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