Skype Gets Native Call Recording Feature Across Platforms


Skype Gets Native Call Recording Feature Across Platforms

Well, Microsoft finally heard our cries, and recording is now built into Skype on both desktop and mobile.

In fact, it's a pretty simple process to start recording a call. Note that call recording is only available for Android phones.

This is great though because although some of the third party solutions have been useful over the last so many years, they can sometimes experience bugs that might cause you to lose what you thought you had recorded, usually thanks to odd changes that Microsoft makes to Skype causing a conflict between the two apps. Once you activate call recording, which can be done by clicking the + button on desktop or mobile, and then selecting Start recording‘, the recording happens server side. This new feature basically lets you record any call, as its activation is only a tap away. There are several mobile and PC apps dedicated to video calling - from Google's Hangout and Duo to Apple's Facetime. The recorded video call will be available on the cloud for the following 30 days, during which the user has the option to download and save it on a personal device in mp4 format.

Skype announced this week that it has added a cloud-based recording feature to its video chat service, which you can now access on nearly any version of Skype save for the Windows 10 version.

The recording then remains on Microsoft servers for 30 days, after which it is deleted.

The others on the call will see a little banner announcing the call is being recorded, "so there are no surprises".

It has been mentioned that as soon as a user starts recording a call, other users in the call will also get notified.

In case you want to save a recorded call on your desktop, just tap on the three dot icon within your group chat and then click "more options" and "save to downloads". Those who are a part of the call can save it locally from their chats. The recording will automatically download to be saved in the device's camera roll. Recordings are saved directly to your phone's internal storage and not on the cloud.



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