Roxanne Pallett says she 'overreacted' to Big Brother punch


Roxanne Pallett says she 'overreacted' to Big Brother punch

The Emmerdale actress has since broken her silence and appeared on The Jeremy Vine Show to apologise, admitting that she "got it wrong."

Following all the drama of Roxanne Pallett storming out of the Celebrity Big Brother house after accusing her fellow housemate, Ryan Thomas, of punching her, the truth about it all is finally out.

The actress claimed she felt scared to be around Thomas and demanded he be booted out the house after "repeatedly punching" her "intentionally and aggressively".

A statement from Pallett had originally said: "Roxanne chose to leave the CBB house late last night after deliberating for two days with some sensitive issues she felt strongly about".

"There was no malicious intention behind that".

"He did apologise, and he did say his ring caught me".

Roxanne this morning spoke out on Channel 5's Jeremy Vine show about the "punchgate" incident.

Now, Roxanne has given her first interview and has apologised to Ryan for the accusations.

Several viewers pointed out the woman "single handedly representing the nation's feelings".

A spokesperson for Chesterfield Borough Council - which owns and manages the Pomegranate Theatre - said: "We are aware of the public and media reaction to Roxanne Pallett's recent appearance on Big Brother".

Roberts, who is due to star alongside Pallett, has also seemingly turned against his co-star.

Talking about her future and what lies ahead for her career, Roxanne said she is fearful.

She said: "I massively apologise, not just to Ryan, but his family and friends and his fans and every person who watched that and justifiably saw an overreaction to what wasn't a malicious act".

"How it felt when he did it, it hurt, I can't prove a feeling. It was the word "deliberately" I regret".

'I shouldn't have questioned Ryan's motivation.

Pallett has since admitted that she "got it wrong".

Pallett said she thought she might be "over-sensitive" because she has previously been a victim of domestic violence.

Roxanne will return to Celebrity Big Brother on Monday night for an interview with host Emma Willis.

Scott tweeted: "I have now seen it all!"

"Be a drama queen all you want but don't try and ruin someone in the process!"



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