President Kenyatta criticises Theresa May's 'rushed and belated' Africa visit


President Kenyatta criticises Theresa May's 'rushed and belated' Africa visit

The Prime Minister continued her tour, visiting Nigeria on Wednesday where she held talks with the country's President Gen. Muhammadu Buhari and ended the Tour in Eastern Africa.

In Nairobi, the last stop on her three-country Africa trip, May was also at pains to assure the region's biggest economy that Kenya would not experience any trade fallout from Brexit.

Britain announced a series of measures to tackle trafficking and illegal migration - ranging from stronger border controls to counselling and training for returnees - during May's visit to Nigeria on her first official trip to Africa as leader.

Security has been beefed up in Nairobi as part of the final preparations ahead of British Prime Minister Theresa May's high profile visit to Kenya.

Total trade with Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya, the three nations on her tour this week, amounted to just over 13 billion pounds in 2016, official British figures show, compared with 554 billion pounds of trade with the European Union that year. We want to enhance those trading links.

He welcomed May's visit to Kenya, the first visit by a British prime minister to Kenya in four decades, and left the attendees laughing as he struggled to remember the name of former British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, instead calling him "the Bicycle Guy".

"We have democracy in common and we need to defend it together".

The UK is already the largest foreign investor in Kenya and I have set out this week our ambition to be the G7's number one investor in Africa by 2022.

"We are determined to work side by side with Nigeria to help them fight terrorism, reduce conflict and lay the foundations for the future stability and prosperity that will benefit us all", May said.

But she has shrugged off the mockery and joined in the fun again - adding a new poking swimming motion to her moves.

"Whatever is held in the United Kingdom will be returned to build Kenya", she said.

This unit has helped protect around 499 children since March 2016 and helped secure convictions of British paedophiles who have sexually abused children in Kenya, Downing Street said.

Like the many thousands of British tourists who come here every year, I will take away unforgettable memories of this country's vibrancy and its beauty.



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