Judge Kavanaugh's Accuser's Lawyers Reject Offers to Testify as 'Unfair'


Judge Kavanaugh's Accuser's Lawyers Reject Offers to Testify as 'Unfair'

Ford alleges that Kavanaugh drunkenly assaulted her at a party when he was 17, she was 15 and they were attending private schools outside Washington in the 1980s.

Her lawyers said on Tuesday she would testify before the committee only if the FBI first investigated her allegation. "So it cuts both ways". The Senate is narrowly controlled by Republicans, who have embraced the idea of a quick vote on Kavanaugh's nomination if Ford does not to testify.

Late Tuesday, Lisa Banks and lawyer Democrat activist lawyer Debra Katz said Ms. Ford wants the FBI to investigate her claims before she appears at a Senate hearing. But she won't do it on Monday - the chairman's take-it-or-leave-it date - and she has certain conditions.

Note: Senator Grassley and the Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans have gone out of their way to make the process as painless as possible for Ms Ford and they have been blown off at every turn by her lawyers. But her lawyers' email appeared to open a path to negotiations over her appearance before the 21-member panel, which consists of 11 Republicans and 10 Democrats. President Donald Trump nominated Kavanaugh, 53, for a lifetime appointment to fill a vacancy on the country's highest court, with independent court analysts saying they believe Kavanaugh would shift the court's ideological balance toward conservative rulings for years to come.

Since the accusations have been made public, Kavanaugh has categorically denied the accounts and his letter to Grassley makes clear he plans to continue to do so.

Lisa Banks, one of Ford's lawyers, said in a statement to CNN on Wednesday that Ford and her family had received threats, which forced them to leave their home.

Democrats, who opposed Kavanaugh's confirmation even before Ford's allegation surfaced, pressed ahead with demands for an FBI investigation. Kavanaugh's confirmation would solidify conservative control of the Supreme Court and further Trump's goal of moving the high court and the broader federal judiciary to the right.

Republicans are frustrated over what they say was the deliberate timing of the last-minute revelation of Ford's allegation, accusing Democrats of seeking to prevent the process from finishing before the midterm elections in a few weeks. Democrats have said there is no need to rush and that the allegations should be fully considered.

According to Trump, the fact that Ford remained silent until now shows the incident probably never happened - even if this runs counter to what experts say is the typical reaction of sexual assault victims afraid or too embarrassed to report.

"She was like, 'I can't deal with this, '" Russell Ford said.

Trump's fellow Republicans appear to be counting on her failure to quickly agree to testify on Monday as a boost for Kavanaugh's confirmation chances.



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