Isaac is now the 5th hurricane in the Atlantic


Isaac is now the 5th hurricane in the Atlantic

As of 11 p.m., the National Hurricane Center said the storm was about 1,085 miles east-southeast of Bald Head Island.

Forecasts indicated potential for strengthening towards category five hurricane over the next 48 hours, though increasing southwesterly shear over SE U.S.A make cause a little weakening before landfall.

Hurricane Florence, a unsafe Category 4 hurricane, continued it's slow slog toward the N.C. coast late Monday, with forecasters expecting the storm to strengthen even more before likely weakening before landfall.

Hurricane Florence appears to be taking aim at the largest U.S. Marine Corps base on the East Coast.

Main impacts with these storm are going to life-threatening storm surge, flooding, damaging hurricane-force winds, and unsafe rip currents along the East Coast.

"Satellite imagery indicates that the maximum sustained winds have increased to near 105 miles per hour (165 km/h) with higher gusts", the NHC said in its latest advisory. In the six decades since then, many thousands of people have moved to the coast. However, the entire east coast is warned to be on high alert in case the storm's path further shifts, and of course, the impacts will expand far beyond the storm's initial landfall.

Up to nine hurricanes and four "major" depressions with sustained winds of at least 100mph have been predicted by USA government, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

At noon today, Florence was 750 miles southeast of the island, moving west at 6mph.

With September fulfilling the promises of peak hurricane season, residents are reminded to take the appropriate precautions for hurricane season - such as having emergency kits ready and knowing your hurricane plan - even if the storms are not now projected to hit Northwest Florida. Forecasters say that because of the size the storm is expected to attain, it will wreak havoc regardless of how strong its winds are.

No impacts are expected in Northwest Florida yet, but locals and visitors should remain vigilant as we enter the most active part of hurricane season.

By Monday morning, it was just outside of the Category 3 storm's predicted path, known as the "cone of uncertainty". The Emergency Management Division has a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being a normal day and 1 being an ongoing disaster.

President Donald Trump has declared a state of emergency in Virginia as Hurricane Florence approaches.

The governors of Virginia, Maryland, and North and SC have declared states of emergency ahead of the storm.

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station recently flew over all three hurricanes and photographed them from space.

"I don't think many of us have ever been through a Category 4".



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