In reality, Rachel Notley got her wish on Kinder Morgan ruling


In reality, Rachel Notley got her wish on Kinder Morgan ruling

The image of Rachel Notley went viral on social media many times, but journalists who attended the rally for news coverage simply forgot to snap the picture, or so they think we assume.

Notley says she is calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to appeal the ruling and call an emergency session of Parliament to resolve the issue.

The board's first review took two years, and while the new assessment will be focused specifically on tanker traffic, Tollefson said the board must seriously consider the effects on endangered southern resident killer whales.

The court combined into one case almost two dozen lawsuits filed by First Nations, environmental groups and the cities of Vancouver and Burnaby calling for the energy board's review to be overturned.

The Federal Court of Appeal on Thursday overturned Ottawa's approval of the pipeline, which would have doubled the line from Edmonton to the B.C. coast and tripled the amount of oil shipped to fetch a better price on overseas markets.

Canada's climate change plan - Alberta is out, so is it dead on the table?

"While we want to make sure the project proceeds, we want to make sure it proceeds in the right way", Morneau said.

"We struggle to see a path to getting this pipeline built in the foreseeable future without the federal government taking some very bold action".

"We remain committed to building this project in consideration of communities and the environment, with meaningful consultation with Indigenous Peoples and for the benefit of Canadians".

Morneau did not rule out seeking leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, but he suggested the government would comply with the Federal Court's requirements, saying it had given the government good direction on next steps.

Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel said Notley's government has shown "incredible smugness" around the pipeline project, pointing to a celebratory news conference in May where she praised Ottawa's plan to purchase the pipeline.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister, meanwhile, warned his fellow premiers that they risk losing control over the revenue raised from carbon pricing if they refuse to take part in the national plan, thereby allowing the federal government to impose its own scheme. Consequently, he said Notley's decision to withdraw from the federal climate change plan is counterproductive.

Members of the Indigenous groups that challenged the project gathered on the shore of the Burrard Inlet in Vancouver to celebrate their victory.

He said the ruling underscores the reality that pipelines will not be built in this country unless they include environmental protection and Indigenous consultation.

"The time for Canadian niceties is over", said Notley.

The Squamish Nation welcomed the ruling in favour of Indigenous rights. Premier John Horgan said Thursday the province will continue to pursue the reference case.

Notley's chief opponent in Alberta, United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney, has mocked the notion that the NDP government is playing "hardball" with Trudeau by keeping the provincial carbon tax in place.



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