Horror for tourists as rocks fall on to beach on Greek island


Horror for tourists as rocks fall on to beach on Greek island

At least one person was injured and boats capsized when sections of sheer cliff collapsed onto a popular beach on Greek island of Zakynthos on September 13, according to local media and eyewitnesses.

The cove, accessible only by sea, features limestone cliffs towering above the beach of white sand and crystalline water made famous by the wreckage of a small cargo ship washed up on the beach since the 1980s.

Navagio is one of Greece's most popular beaches, taking its name from the remains of a cargo ship that was wrecked there almost 40 years ago.

Coast guard officials told the Evening Standard that those hurt had not sustained any life-threatening injuries.

Video footage of the incident shows people running in panic as a large sheet of rock fell off the rock wall.

As reported by Reuters, one Czech woman received injuries to her back and the coastguard transferred her to a local hospital [VIDEO].

An air and sea search was conducted as a precaution in case there was anyone trapped under the rocks. Rescue services employed sniffer dogs to search the beach itself for possible victims of the rockfall. (Supplied) Small boats at the beach were capsized as a result of the fall sparking big waves.

The 21-year-old, who works for a tour company on the island, said: "The rock that fell, oh gosh, it would be like a four storey building falling onto the beach".



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