Google Is Pulling the Plug on Inbox in March 2019


Google Is Pulling the Plug on Inbox in March 2019

As such, Google has decided that Inbox has served its objective and will be retiring the app.

Google is killing Inbox by Gmail.

Inbox has pioneered numerous features that are now part of the new Gmail. The company announced on Wednesday that it will shut down the experimental email service at the end of March 2019.

The new Gmail has also adopted the "Material Design" visual theme that Google originally introduced to Android in 2014, with more white space and the company's Product Sans typeface.

Google has announced that Gmail Offline will be removed from the Chrome Web Store in December, because it isn't needed anymore. The death of Inbox is not entirely out of the blue - numerous features that made it unique have become part of Gmail over the years.

Google revealed that it will terminate Google Inbox in March 2019. Without splitting focus between Inbox and Gmail, it's most likely we'll see Gmail continue to evolve and be a worthy successor and alternative to Inbox. Maybe Inbox was doomed from the start, but erase the frustration of Inbox users on this sad day.

One Inbox by Gmail feature that still hasn't made its way over to the standard Gmail service is the email bundling.

"Inbox by Gmail has been a great place to experiment with new ideas like snoozing emails to later, as well as try the latest AI-powered experiences like Smart Reply, Nudges and high-priority notifications to help you stay productive", Izatt writes.

The impact: This means that for those that use Inbox for their email, they'll need to look elsewhere to deal with email.

I know quite a few Gmail users who switched to Inbox when it was released. What do you think of this move?



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