Florence projected to become hurricane Sunday, then threaten southeast USA coast


Florence projected to become hurricane Sunday, then threaten southeast USA coast

Arrival: Florence's landfall is expected late Thursday night or Friday morning. This system will impact the Southeastern part of the United States coastline beginning late Wednesday, but the bulk of the impact will occur later Thursday and Friday. Florence's story won't end with landfall.

Trump speaks with reporters about Hurricane Florence after arriving at Andrews Air Force Base on Tuesday. "We've weathered tough hurricanes before, and we will do it again". The total loss would be less than vehicle damage from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, which caused hundreds of thousands of vehicles to be scrapped.

Liz Browning Fox was planning to ride out the storm nevertheless on the Outer Banks.

Category 4 hurricane winds are in the 130 to 156 mile range, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Both hurricane and storm-surge watches cover the area from Edisto Beach north to the North Carolina-Virginia border, according to a statement issued Tuesday.

Delta Air Lines travel to, from, or through cities in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Savannah, Georgia through September 16 can be rebooked for free by September 20.

Interesting Engineering will continue to report on the status of Hurricane Florence.

Similar evacuations are happening all the way up to Virginia, where the governor has ordered a mandatory evacuation for residents of some low-lying coastal areas.

The Phillies, chasing the Braves in the NL East, are scheduled to play a home series over the weekend against the Marlins as Florence is expected to make its way inland and north.

The category four storm is expected to intensify to a category five as it slows down over warm waters. The difference in shoreline damage on the right versus the left side of the storm will be unbelievable. Tuesday morning's data from hurricane-hunting aircraft supports this forecast, the center said.

Specifically, hurricane hunting planes like the P-3 release small cardboard tubes holding environmental sensors, called dropsondes, which then parachute through the violent storms, and send data back to the aircraft.

This is also one to watch. This means the incoming winds of a hurricane like Florence, can pile water up with comparative ease.

Flooding from a prolonged, heavy rainfall could extend inland over the Carolinas and for hundreds of miles. It's easy to see this on some of the model forecasts that we use. It's possible it could become a Category 5 storm. The mountains of North Carolina will also help to rip this hurricane apart.

And in the 29 years since Hurricane Hugo struck, the population of the coastal Carolinas has skyrocketed.

"All you have to do is look up at your ceiling and think about 12ft of water - that, folks, is extremely life-threatening".

Rainfall will be very heavy north of the storm. Port of Virginia will halt terminal activities at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday.



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