Elon Musk smokes pot on live podcast


Elon Musk smokes pot on live podcast

Tesla shares sank 7% to $26.34 (about R400) in mid-morning trading after chief accounting officer Dave Morton announced his exit after only a month on the job, citing the company's frenetic pace. Morton, who joined Tesla on August 6, was quoted in a company filing on Friday saying he believes "strongly" in Tesla and that he had no disagreements with the company's leadership or its financial reporting. The interview was filmed in Los Angeles, where marijuana is legal under state law. The report, which was published by electric car-themed news site InsideEVs, estimated that the Tesla Model 3, Model S, and Model X, were the Top 3 electric cars in the U.S. in August.

A month later, Musk was the centre of attention again when he tweeted that he had secured enough funding to take his electric-car company Tesla private for $420 per share.

The exchange began when Rogan told Musk about a small container he bought in Mexico which he hoped would hold joints.

Musk, 47, sipped whiskey during a more than 2 1/2-hour podcast with comedian Joe Rogan late Thursday that touched on everything from flame throwers and artificial intelligence to the end of the universe.

Morton said in the filing he still believes in Tesla's mission and prospects.

Morton and Toledano's departures - and Musk's performance on the podcast - also alarmed James Albertine, who rates Tesla a hold with a $300 target.

In July he shocked investors by announcing on Twitter that he had funding secured to take his vehicle firm Tesla private. After considering it for about 3-4 seconds, Elon Musk says "I mean it's legal, right?" and takes it for a little puff himself. "It's very hard to keep a auto company alive", Musk said. "I don't find that it's very good for productivity", he said.

Aside from the weed, Musk also touted a couple weapons on the show's set, including a flamethrower and a Katana that Rogan claims is hundreds of years old.

The aura of weed has surrounded Musk before. This reportedly has led to an SEC investigation.

During the interview, the pair discussed Musk's ability to dream up ideas and inventions, with the billionaire comparing the way his brain works to a "mutation", saying when he was a child he thought he was "insane".



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