Dual-SIM iPhone Variant Leak Again in a New China Telecom Poster


Dual-SIM iPhone Variant Leak Again in a New China Telecom Poster

Ahead of the launch, a number of details have leaked. If you really want to get a new iPhone on launch day, make sure you know this pro-tip. Will these be called the iPhone XS, iPhone X Plus and the iPhone XC or something else?

Apple CEO Tim Cook will take to the stage on Wednesday to reveal the new iPhone (or iPhones) and the features that will be packed in this year. And these leaks and rumours seem very credible, considering they have been substantiated by websites such as Bloomberg. The iPhones are going to be called the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Plus and the iPhone XC. It'll have a roughly 6.1-inch screen with LCD instead of newer OLED technology. Past year reports believed that we'll see an iPhone Pro, but these never materialized. Notably, Apple is hosting a live stream for the keynote so that users can tune in and catch the updates live from around the globe.

September is now the traditional time for iPhone updates, and this year will be no different. The iPhone XS is listed at CNY 7,388 and the iPhone XS Plus is at CNY 8,388 which are around Rs 77,980 and Rs 88,535 respectively. As expected, the three new iPhones will come with Apple A12 chipset under the hood, but the amount of RAM is still a mystery.

Apple is expected to do something it hasn't done since the iPhone 5c in 2013.

The "S" in the name implies that 2018 may be an "S" cycle year for its iPhones.

For Apple, China is particularly a "big opportunity". The name for this one is even harder to predict. What we don't get, is why Apple wouldn't go with iPhone XS Plus.

This budget will be similar to its trio siblings in some ways, for example, it will feature an all-screen design, but in order to cut costs and sell it at a cheaper price, the budget iPhone will not be equipped with all the premium features. But then this name may create another issue.

MacRumours says: " Apple's 2018 iPhone line-up will consist of three devices: a 5.8-inch OLED device that's a follow up to the current iPhone X, a larger 6.5-inch OLED device that's a sort of "iPhone X Plus", and a 6.1-inch device with an LCD screen and a lower price tag that's meant to be Apple's more affordable smartphone.

Issues manufacturing the LCDs for the low-priced iPhone may very well cause problems with supply at launch, but pricing could also create shortages.



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