Canada-U.S. trade talks break down without a deal


Canadian and United States officials talked late into the night without reaching a deal on an overhaul of the North American Free Trade Agreement ahead of today's deadline.

There was also a quote from the president that any new trade deal would be "totally on our terms".

The Miami Herald wanted to find out, and asked the governor for his opinion on the new trade agreement Saturday during a Scott visit to Doral, where a slew of Puerto Rican officials, including former Gov. Luis Fortuño, were gathered to endorse his candidacy for the U.S. Senate against Nelson.

He added: "Congress should not interfere with these negotiations or I will simply terminate NAFTA entirely & we will be far better off".

The withdrawal process would require Trump to give Mexico and Canada 6 months' notice of his intent to leave the pact.

The move would shelter some domestic industries from foreign competition, part of Trump's aim to revitalize some domestic industries that have opted to move production overseas.

One U.S. official said it's not certain whether America will budge on its demand to end the panels. But Trump has focused on areas where industrial decline has led to deep economic hardship.

The United States is pressing ahead with a free trade pact with Mexico, but whether Canada will join depends on a new round of talks next week, after negotiations ended on Friday without an agreement.

Dairy products are nearly three hundred percent tariff.

Canadian trade officials, understandably, were not thrilled.

Though he made those comments in an off-the-record meeting, undisclosed sources passed the president's words along to the Toronto Star's Daniel Dale, who reported them Friday morning.

Trump said, 'NAFTA was a disaster and we've changed it around'. Congress eventually would have to approve any agreement.

Just as he was wrapping, the USTR's office released a statement that said the USA was submitting a formal notice to Congress, as required 90 days before a deal can be signed, that it has a deal with Mexico that Canada could later join.

But Gilles LeVasseur, a business and law professor at the University of Ottawa, said Trump's Saturday message reflects a certain nervousness that he might fail to win the support of a Congress that tends to be pro-trade.

If Canada is not included in that final text, it would be legally very hard - if not impossible - to include the country later.

Canada is the world's largest softwood lumber exporter and the its biggest market.

Despite citing it in defense of Chapter 19, Canada is not seeking to resolve the softwood dispute or US tariffs on Canadian lumber shipments as part of NAFTA talks this week, the Canadian officials said.

Trump also says Facebook and Twitter are silencing conservative voices and has vowed to address the situation. "If he's not tough on everybody, why is China going to believe he's going to be tough on them?" The disagreement is seen as a separate issue, they said. "And every time we have a problem with a point, I just put up a picture of a Chevrolet Impala", Trump said, referring to a GM model that is manufactured in Canada.



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