California Commits To 100 Percent Clean Energy By 2045


California Commits To 100 Percent Clean Energy By 2045

At the same time that he signed the measure, SB100, Brown also issued an executive order that establishes a new carbon neutrality target for that same year.

A new California law says the state must phase out fossil fuels from its electrical grid by 2045. California's most recent bill only states that electricity has to be zero-emissions, so theoretically the state might be able to adopt a full carbon-capture system on a natural gas plant, which is now being tested in Texas. It's hoped that California will eventually become carbon neutral, removing as much CO2 from the atmosphere as it emits.

Brown timed the signing of the bill to kick off this week's global climate summit that will bring officials and activists from around the world to San Francisco.

Another 9 percent came from nuclear power, and a third from natural gas.

When the EPA released the rule last month, Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said the Affordable Clean Energy Rule would "empower states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide modern, reliable, and affordable energy".

"[The bill] is sending a message to California and the world that we are going to meet the Paris agreement and we are going to continue down that path to transition our economy", he told reporters. "I'm very pleased to see this legislation signed into law, because we've always known, that if we don't drill, it can't spill", said Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara), primary sponsor of the legislation. "But it must be done", said Governor Brown.

EZRA DAVID ROMERO, BYLINE: The law requires the state to gradually collect all its electricity from clean sources like hydropower, solar and wind.

"It's impossible to overstate how significant it is for a state as large and influential as California to commit to 100 percent clean energy", Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune said Monday in a statement.

The co-chairs of the San Francisco climate summit include former NY mayor and philanthropist Michael Bloomberg, UN climate chief Patricia Espinosa, and China's top climate official, Xie Zhenhua.

Governors, mayors, CEOs and billionaire philanthropists gather in San Francisco this week to take aim at global warming as the world awakens to the all-too-real threat of climate change run amuck.

Specifically, SB-100 serves to advance California's existing Renewables Portfolio Standard and increases the state's targets to 50% by 2025, 60% by 2030, and 100% by 2045.

While California has been a leader on reducing the amount of electricity it gets from burning fossil fuels, the state has struggled to be as forward-leaning in reducing the greenhouse gas pollution spewed from cars and trucks.

SB 100 has been a two-year project by de León, who will face off against sitting U.S. Sen.

California already gets a substantial portion of its electricity from renewable resources.



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