Video shows wild fight break out in Brooklyn nail salon


Video shows wild fight break out in Brooklyn nail salon

She also expressed her anger that the salon staff were "hitting [the women] like animals".

Video footage shows a salon employee using a broom to attack an upset customer.

The incident at the Happy Red Apple Nail Salon happened Friday but the release of the video led to protests outside the salon on Monday. "They are violent. I saw these workers beat up a woman, well more like jumped her".

Police said the fight broke out Friday night after customer Christina Thomas complained about her eyebrow service and refused to pay $5 for it.

The video has been viewed more than 200,000 times. The young lady paid for her feet/nails but refused to pay for her eyebrows because she was unsatisfied.

"Share this cause the cops chose to arrest the black people but not the Chinese people who ganged up on them". According News12, Hiuyue Zheng is facing charges of assault, menacing, and criminal possession of a weapon.

Police say Thomas hit an employee, who then in turn struck the customer with a broom.

Thomas was arrested on misdemeanour assault and other charges and was also released without bail, Daily Mail quoted New York Post report. She apparently punched and slapped someone, dragging them over the floor.

Police said Zhing was taken to the hospital before being arrested because of visible injuries to her face and body, PIX 11 reports. A nail salon employee was arrested after she was caught on camera repeatedly attacking a customer with a broom.

Police have not confirmed any other details in the case, but a spokesperson for the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office confirmed they are examining all the evidence and will evaluate charges based on that.

"We don't need to protest, we need to financially castrate this business". At least one protester screamed, "where is ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement)?" implying that the salon's Asian employees might be undocumented immigrants. (If the) police say you pay for the pedicure, then you pay for the pedicure. "We need to start supporting our own & run them out of our communities!" One person at the protest threw a bottle, hitting an NYPD officer in the back.



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