Trump admits son met with Russian to get information on Hilary


Trump admits son met with Russian to get information on Hilary

Donald Trump Jr. stands onstage with his father then-presidential nominee Donald Trump after a debate against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, in September 2016. Campaign finance law prohibits foreign nationals from making "a contribution or donation of money or other thing of value" in American elections, which legal experts have suggested Trump Jr. could have violated by accepting information - a "thing of value" - from a Russian source.

While Trump and his surrogates have made similar claims before, many observers noted that the tweet appears to be evidence of criminal activity - that is, soliciting valuable campaign assistance from a foreign power.

Here's how the accounts about the infamous meeting have evolved.

Trump Jr. has shifted his explanations for his Russian meeting.

In June 2016, Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and campaign chairman Paul Manafort met with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. The statement soon proved to be incomplete. While originally Trump, a Republican, said the meeting was about adoptions, on Sunday he said on Twitter that it was about getting information on his election opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton. "I did not know about it!"

In addition to weighing in publicly on the Trump Tower meeting, the president also unleashed angry tweets directed at the news media Sunday morning from his 11-day working vacation in Bedminster, New Jersey. The Magnitsky Act placed sanctions on Russia, which retaliated by banning the adoption of Russian children by Americans.

But here's the thing: This is a tweet about how the Trump Tower meeting was totally fine - nothing illegal to see here.

The president claimed it did not last long and "nothing came of the meeting".

Trump was not involved in drafting his son's misleading statement.

We have since learned that the elder Trump actually dictated that statement.

"The president didn't sign off on anything", Sekulow told ABC.

Trump's days of private anger spilled out into public with the Twitter outburst, which comes at a perilous time for the president. The Times published a copy of that letter in June.

The admission is a significant departure from Trump's previous statements regarding the controversial meeting with a Kremlin-linked lawyer. Sekulow said this past weekend that he had been acting on "bad information" at the time.

Trump did not know about the meeting.


CNN reported last month that Michael Cohen, the president's longtime personal lawyer, was willing to tell Mueller that Trump did know about the Trump Tower meeting in advance.

On Sunday, Trump tweeted an apparent response to stories by CNN and The Washington Post that said he is anxious about Donald Trump Jr.'s legal exposure following the infamous 2016 meeting.

The Trump camp maintains that it doesn't matter anyway, because information on Clinton was never delivered by the Russians, or received by the campaign, in the meeting.

Trump might as well have just confirmed The Post's report that he is anxious about what the meeting portends for his son.



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