Trader Joe's, Kroger wraps and salads may be affected by parasite


Trader Joe's, Kroger wraps and salads may be affected by parasite

The beef, pork and poultry items were recently sold across the United States by retailers including Kroger, Trader Joe's and Walgreens after being distributed by Caito Foods LLC of Indianapolis, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food and Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) announced Monday.

After an FDA analysis confirmed the presence of Cyclospora in an expired salad mix containing romaine lettuce, Fresh Express began informing companies that received products of concern about the results.

The list of products affected by the recall includes those produced between July 15 to 18 with either the "Best by", "Enjoy by", "Best if sold by" or "Sell by" dates ranging from July 18 through July 23.

The salads and wraps were sold at popular stores such as Trader Joe's, Walgreen's, and Kroger.

Romaine lettuce used in these products may have been tainted by Cyclospora, a parasite that can cause gastrointestinal illness, according to FSIS.

Anyone with the affected products should them away or return them for a full refund.

The summer has been rife with recalls and reported cyclospora infections, especially in IL.

The Cyclospora cayetanensis parasite can cause illness that is not life-threatening, with symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and fever, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns.

Overall, more than 160 people in 10 states were sickened and at least three were hospitalized.

At Deerfield-based Walgreens, the recalled products were sold "in a limited number of our stores in IL only", spokeswoman Allison Mack said in an email Wednesday.

"Illnesses might not have been reported yet due to the time it takes between when a person becomes ill and when the illness is reported", the alert reads.

This is the second such incident in as many months for the central in food distributor.



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