Tight Ohio Vote Could Spell Trouble for GOP This Fall


Tight Ohio Vote Could Spell Trouble for GOP This Fall

It's election day, as voters in Ohio's 12th District decide the final congressional contest before November's national midterms. Check back for updates throughout the evening as votes are counted.

"Voters in Ohio's 12th Congressional District picking a new congressman", King said on CNN's "Inside Politics". Troy Balderson, 56, leads upstart challenger Danny O'Connor, 31, by just one percentage point.

This special election in the 12congressional district is the last contest until the 2018 midterms, where Democratic enthusiasm is through the roof. Republicans now hold a two-seat majority in the Senate, while Democrats need to net 23 seats to take control of the House.

President Trump campaigned for Balderson, a 56-year-old state senator, this past weekend in an effort to energize the GOP base, but some Republicans anxious that the president's appearance could have had an adverse effect by motivating voters who don't like Trump to come out for O'Connor. About 630 votes separate the two front runners.

Ohio Republicans argued that the race should be taken as a warning, but not a reason to panic.

But Democrats believe momentum from this spring's protests over education funding against Republicans who control the state government could make the state surprisingly competitive this fall.

A Balderson victory would buoy Republicans concerned about how Trump might be playing in political battleground states.

Ultimately, the results may not even be known for a while. While provisional ballots were still outstanding, that's likely enough for him to avoid a recount.

Voters in OH and Kansas joined those in Missouri, Michigan and Washington state. President Trump came out against the sitting GOP governor on the eve of that state's vote. Trump had weighed in on Schuette's behalf - the attorney general had been a loyal supporter of the president's, but during the presidential election Calley had withdrawn his support for Trump in October 2016 following the release of the infamous Access Hollywood tape.

The perspective comes as GOP state Sen.

Republicans were hoping for Democratic discord in Kansas' 3rd Congressional District, a suburban Kansas City district where several candidates were fighting for the chance to take on Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder in November. Bernie Sanders and ascending political star, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a NY congressional candidate. Whitmer had the backing of labor groups and EMILY's List, and continues a streak of wins by Democratic women in primaries.

On stage with Trump, Balderson called himself "someone who will fight for President Trump's economic agenda". Senate Republicans had hoped to make MI, a state which Trump carried, competitive, but it's fallen down the list of top targets for 2018.



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