Premier Doug Ford announces buck-a-beer launching in Ontario this month


Premier Doug Ford announces buck-a-beer launching in Ontario this month

Premier Doug Ford is expected to announce the return of buck a beer Tuesday at Barley Days Brewery in Prince Edward County.

"We were elected on a promise to reduce red tape and put the people first", said Premier Doug Ford, who made the announcement while visiting the Barley Days Brewery. "When you go out and you buy your case of beer for weekend, you're not going to be paying the same price; you're going to be paying less".

"After spending weeks ripping up contracts and curriculums, dismantling climate plans and pilot projects, this is the first time the premier has actually given us something", Schreiner said in a statement. "People in Ontario are mature know when they've had one too many".

Currently, one of the lowest priced beers from an independent Ontario brewery is Cool Beer's Stonewall Light which retails at $1.45 per 275 ml bottle.

The source said the government hopes to get brewers on board by launching what it calls a "buck-a-beer challenge" with incentives for those who cut prices to $1. The price does not include a bottle deposit and does not apply to draft beer. However, Mr. Ford said he didn't think the lower prices would lead to more drinking and driving. "The premier is asking beer producers to lower their prices down to a dollar". "This included a promise to bring "Buck-a-Beer" back to Ontario". "Here we have a premier that's cutting income to the very poorest amongst us as a priority and at the same time subsidizing buck a beer", she said, referring to the Tories' plan to cancel a basic income pilot project.

It will offer breweries who lower their prices promotional considerations like limited-time discounts, in-store displays or advertising in LCBO flyers and newspaper inserts.

"These are normal business expenses for our stores and no costs will be incurred to either LCBO consumers or Ontario taxpayers", it said.

In the meantime, there are already plenty of beers that sell for cheap in Ontario.



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