Palestinian teen dies of wounds sustained during anti-Israel protests in Gaza


Palestinian teen dies of wounds sustained during anti-Israel protests in Gaza

Israel has claimed an increased threat of "breaches" from the sea since mounting tensions in Gaza over recent weeks, during which time Israeli forces have killed an estimated 113 Palestinians along the Gaza border during massive demonstrations in protest of Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Intelligence Minister Israel Katz announced his position on the proposed ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, in a post to Twitter Sunday morning.

Palestinian sources told Ynet that the Hamas meeting took place in response to the Israeli statement and that Hamas leaders warned they could inflict casualties that the Israeli public and government would not be able to tolerate. It added that in return, Hamas official said the Strip's rulers would commit to halting all attacks against Israel.

More than two million Palestinians are packed into the Gaza Strip, which suffers deep economic hardship.

United Nations and Egyptian-led efforts are under way to mediate a long-term ceasefire between Israel and Hamas who have fought three wars since 2008.Hamas officials had no immediate comment on the ship´s seizure.

Fatah criticized "Hamas" for being involved in "shameful negotiations" with Israel, saying the deal aims "to separate Gaza from the homeland and establish a small state which would be the graveyard for our national project". Twenty-four of slain protesters were minors, the ministry has said.

The deadly clashes have seen Israeli security forces facing gunfire, grenades, Molotov cocktails and efforts - sometimes successful - to damage or penetrate the border fence.

The Israeli navy seized a Swedish-flagged sailboat carrying food and medical supplies for Palestinians in the blockaded Gaza Strip on Saturday, the military said.

Israel has shut the Kerem Shalom crossing, Gaza's sole commercial access point, as a punitive measure over the launch of incendiary balloons by Palestinian activists from the seaside enclave into Israel, banning all deliveries except food and medicine. Hamas has acknowledged that dozens of those killed were its members.



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