Metal detectors delayed at Florida school where 17 died


Metal detectors delayed at Florida school where 17 died

Cruz said the voice was talking to him while he was there in the interrogation room, telling him to kill himself. Cruz said he would do what the voice told him to stop from being lonely.

A judge ordered the school district to release a report about the school history of Nikolas Cruz, who is charged with multiple counts of murder from the February massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

In the 217-page transcript, much of which is redacted, the suspected attacker told Det.

At another point in the transcript, detective John Curcio of the Broward County Sheriff's Office can be heard asking Cruz whether he'd like a glass of water, to which Cruz responds "I don't know".

"The decision was made without my consultation, and I would like to have a say in what's going on right now", board member Robin Bartleman said.

Cruz, who described the voice as male and about his age, said it began after his father died about 15 years ago, but got worst when his mother died of pneumonia in November. He said it was the voice that told him to buy the AR-15 and to take an Uber ride to Marjory Stoneman Douglas the day of the shooting. You could have stopped the demon any time you want.

During the interview, he says that he had used a lot of marijuana and had taken a lot of the prescription tranquilizer Xanax.

Additionally, Tracy Clark, a spokeswoman for Runcie, said, "It does not appear that Cruz completed the recommended three-day assignment/placement", but she added that she did not want to "speculate" as to why he did not.

"Why didn't he kill me?" Why didn't he kill me?

After the interrogation was over, Cruz's brother, Zachary, was brought into the room.

"You - your - people think you're a monster now", Zachary Cruz told him. According to authorities, the suspected attacker dropped his gun and vest and walked off campus, blending in with the students who were fleeing.

Instead, Michael J. Satz, the state attorney, is seeking the death penalty.

"After consulting attorneys about the situation, and realizing the school district had made the full report public, we published a second story that gave more context", she said. "He is the most damaged and broken human being I have encountered in 40 years of doing this type of work".

Cruz's attorneys, however, have painted the confessed shooter as an individual with severe and complex psychological problems.

Asked why he didn't go on a killing spree then, Cruz said: "I ..."

Cruz's lawyers strenuously opposed releasing even the heavily redacted transcript, arguing that it would contaminate potential jurors, but they didn't object when a judge overruled them last month.

Prosecutors in Broward County, Florida redacted some parts because under state law, the "substance" of the confession must be held back until played at a pre-trial hearing or during the trial itself.

The public defender had 10 days to appeal the judge's order, but that deadline expired.

"They opted to report, publicly, information that this court had ordered to be redacted despite agreeing, on the record, that this information was protected by both Florida and federal law", said the school district wrote in the court filing.



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