Hurricane Lane Is Heading For Hawaii As A Dangerous Category 4 Storm


Hurricane Lane Is Heading For Hawaii As A Dangerous Category 4 Storm

Southern and southeastern areas of the island can also expect similar wind conditions as the leeward areas, however, rainfall could total more than 2 feet in areas of Ka'u.

Hurricane Lane poses a "potential threat to life and property", according to the NWS, and "efforts to protect property should now be underway".

Lane's center is predicted to pass close to the island of Hawaii, also known as the "Big Island", and Maui, according to the Central Pacific Hurricane Center.

"The center of Lane will track dangerously close to the islands Thursday through Saturday", the center said in an advisory. This does not mean a direct hit is likely at the moment, but impacts from the storm appear more likely with most recent data.

10 to 15 inches of rain, with isolated amounts greater than 20 inches is expected over the Hawaiian Islands starting Wednesday night.

Hawaii Gov. David Ige signed an emergency proclamation Tuesday to put the state in position to lend support to county emergency responders.

Slight weakening is expected during the next couple of days, but Lane is forecast to remain a risky hurricane as it draws closer to the Hawaiian Islands.

The weather service in a special statement said tropical-storm-force winds could begin as early as Wednesday afternoon or evening on the Big Island. "Even if the center of Lane were to remain offshore, it is important to remember that impacts from a hurricane can extend well away from the center".

Devastation caused by winds and flooding may make locations uninhabitable for weeks and authorities warned Hawaii residents to be prepared to evacuate their homes.

Ferocious wind speeds of 155mph were recorded as the hurricane moved west-north-west at nine miles per hour.

In this photo provided City and County of Honolulu, Mayor Kirk Caldwell, center, receives a briefing from the Central Pacific Hurricane Center on Hurricane Lane at the Emergency Operations Center in Honolulu.

The next 24 hours will determine whether or not Hawaii has to face the full force of the massive storm, until then the only thing to do is prepare and wait.

Residents are stocking up on essentials are they prepare for Lane to reach Hawaii. "But I remember the wind being the strongest force of nature I've ever witnessed and probably the scariest sounds I've ever heard in my life", resident Mike Miranda, who was 12 years old in 1992, told the Associated Press.

Hurricane Lane, Ige said, is alarming because its track is unpredictable.



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