Health Experts: Number of West Nile cases in Virginia about average


Health Experts: Number of West Nile cases in Virginia about average

At least four cases of West Nile virus have been confirmed this season in MA.

The Kent County Health Department said the resident was a man in his 80s, and he was the first reported hospitalization due to West Nile in the county.

Dress: Protect yourself from bites by wearing long-sleeved shirts and trousers while outside.

Earlier this week, the Maine CDC said an adult from Cumberland County was diagnosed with West Nile virus.

DUSK and DAWN-This is when mosquitoes are most active. Cookman says you need to look at the label to make sure it has 20 to 30% DEET, a repellent ingredient.

"While most people who are infected recover without any long-term problems, some develop a more severe infection that can lead to complications and even death - especially those over 50 years of age", Byers said.

· Wear lightweight long-sleeved shirts and trousers. Always follow label directions. Also, any holes in screen doors or windows should be fixed so that bugs can not find their way inside.

Any standing water close to home should be emptied, in order to eliminate possible breeding grounds for mosquitos.

In a statement, IDPH Director Nirav Shah M.D., J.D. says that while the end of summer is nearing, "West Nile virus remains a risk until the first hard frost".

Watch for health department alerts and warnings about mosquito disease outbreak.

Expressing concern over the number of reported cases (133), the ISA called on the Health Ministry and the Attica Regional Authority to work with experts and local authorities to deal with the virus's spread which, it said, is having a financial cost, as it is also impacting the tourism industry.

Additionally, there has been one confirmed case of Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) which resulted in death.

Health officials report that there are 22 human cases of the virus across the state.

Most infected with the virus show no symptoms.



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