Google declares Android phones can have two notches at most


Google declares Android phones can have two notches at most

We're sure most people would agree that multiple notches sounds disgusting, so we're quietly glad that Google is limiting the number that Android P will officially support. As per a latest blog post for developers, Google is making it clear that Android P phones will not have more than two cutouts.

"A single edge can contain at most one cutout", it stipulates on its Android developer pages, adding that "a device cannot have more than two cutouts", and "cannot have cutouts on either of its longer edges".

Android device manufacturers have jumped on the notched display bandwagon in droves. Manufacturers who are not bound by Google's restrictions can still incorporate multi-notch devices, though it is highly unlikely as most phones are "device manufacturing partners" with Google and deploy Play Store and other Google services as a "built-in" feature in their phones. Developers can simulate these cutouts in their apps using the Android P SDK. They could make such a device but Google would likely reprimand them for it.

There are two more rules regarding cutouts, which help explain how Android apps can work with cutouts. "You won't see a cutout on the left or right long edge of the device", wrote Potoski. And it says, "By default, in fullscreen or landscape orientation, the entire cutout area must be letterboxed".

"During our user research we have often seen status bars filled with icons on Android devices". Currently, apps tend to ignore the notch area on smartphones as far as the matter on display is concerned, which means that potentially useful data could be on screen, but simply hidden under the notch.

And notches can only be on the short edge of the display.

Like it or not, smartphone notches are a thing. Official support would make it possible for apps to register that a part of the screen is "cut out" and display accordingly.

Like it or not, notched phones are here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future.

Since Apple released the notch, there has been much derision cast toward the feature.



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