"The Government-Partner delegation is holding its first meeting to organize the response", North Kivu governor Julien Paluku tweeted.

Cases emerged in the northwestern city of Mbandaka, a city and transport hub on the Congo River with a population of more than a million. The health ministry is investigating reports of viral hemorrhagic fever.

GOMA, Democratic Republic of Congo, Aug 1 (Reuters) - Four cases of the Ebola virus have been confirmed in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the health ministry said on Wednesday. The DRC's health ministry says there's no indication of a link between the outbreaks.

The health ministry said it has put in place security to protect a team of health experts arriving on Thursday.

Over 50 people were infected in the Equateur outbreak and 33 died, Congolese officials said.

Worldwide efforts to contain a fresh outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo could be thwarted by chronic violence in the region where the virus has been reported, health experts are warning.

"This new cluster is occurring in an environment which is very different from where we were operating in the north-west", said Dr Peter Salama, the WHO's deputy director general of emergency preparedness and response.

The majority of the cases are in the Mangina health area which is 30 kilometres from the city of Beni.

The last outbreak of this fatal virus in Congo was declared over just a week ago.

On Monday, the country's health ministry said it had foound 25 cases of fever near the town of Beni and that samples had been sent to the capital Kinshasa for testing. "It is, on the other hand, worrying that this area is a conflict zone.It is an area with lots of displacement, so the access can be hampered in that way".

Transmission among humans then typically spreads through close contact with the blood, body fluids, secretions or organs of someone who is sick with Ebola or has recently died. The province shares borders with Rwanda and Uganda with a great deal of cross border movement due to the trade activities.



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