Coroner States That Margot Kidder's Death Was An Intentional Overdose


Coroner States That Margot Kidder's Death Was An Intentional Overdose

The daughter of late Superman star Margot Kidder has urged people experiencing mental health difficulties to seek help after a coroner's office in the U.S. released its ruling on her mother's death. The Coroner has not specified what drugs she took.

Margot had battled bipolar disorder and became an advocate for mental health, public in her own struggles. At the time, a spokesperson said that the actress passed away peacefully in her sleep. She also noted Montana's high suicide rate and the empathy she feels for the people there going through the same thing.

According to IMDB, Kidder had two projects in pre-production at the time of her passing.

In a statement to the Associated Press, Kidder's daughter Maggie McGuane said the family decided to make her mother's suicide public because "it's important to be open and honest about the suicide so there's no cloud of shame".

Kidder was found May 13 in her home in the USA state of Montana.

McGuane said she found relief knowing that the truth about her mother's death was finally known to the public.

"In her last months, she was herself - same kind of love, same kind of energy", Kesich said.

She says it's a unique sort of grief and pain and that she would like to reach out to every family who is suffering through a loss by suicide. She wants to avoid any "cloud of shame".

Both Kidder and co-star Christopher Reeve, who played Superman, were relative unknowns when they got their leading parts, and neither saw many major roles afterwards.

"The reality of my life has been grand and wonderful, punctuated by these odd blips and burps of madness", she said. She continued to act in many movies and TV shows, most recently the 2017 film "The Neighborhood".



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