Contact lens lost in woman's eye for 28 years


Contact lens lost in woman's eye for 28 years

Gas-permeable contact lenses are made of rigid, durable plastic that transmits oxygen, not to be confused with popular soft contacts or old-fashioned hard contacts.

Calling all contact lens users: Do not panic.

Doctors performed an MRI scan and noticed a pea-sized lump situated under her left eyebrow, which seemed to have grown over a six-month period.

Doctors determined that the patient had a cyst. Though her left eye had always drooped slightly, the aforementioned symptoms had only begun occurring recently. The only way to remove the lump was through surgery - but during this procedure, surgeons found a contact lens preserved inside the tissue.

The patient, who had been wearing monthly disposable contact lenses for 35 years, had not been attending regular eye test appointments.

Unlike the soft contact lenses which are the most commonly used today, RGP lenses can initially be uncomfortable for the wearer and are more prone to dislodging from the eye during activities like sports.

Now 42, the woman was unable to account for the foreign body, though her mother was able to recall her being hit in the eye with a shuttlecock when she was 14 - with both assuming the impact had simply knocked the lens out.

The doctors apparently found a hard contact lens lodged inside the woman's eye after she complained about pain and swollen eyelid.

Her more recent problems subsided after the wayward lens was removed.

It follows another ocular oddity where a pensioner scheduled for cataract surgery in 2016 was found to have a total of 27 contact lenses in one of her eyes.

Her ophthalmologist published her story on BMJ Case Reports.

Here's a suggestion from the doctors on this case: Tell your eye doctor about any past eye trauma, and if you have any swelling, ask the doc to check for wayward contacts.



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