Coconut oil is pure poison: Harvard professor


Coconut oil is pure poison: Harvard professor

But is it "pure poison"? This disconnect between lay and expert opinion can be attributed to the marketing of coconut oil in the popular press. The group found that only 37 percent of certified nutritionists agreed that coconut oil is healthy.

However, not all scientists are so dogmatic as Karin Michels.

Despite the saturation fat, health experts say there is no need to completely avoid coconut oil if you like the flavor, just use it in moderation or as an occasional treat.

She goes on to say that she thinks the oil is even worse than lard (rendered animal fat) because it nearly exclusively contains saturated fatty acids, ones that can clog the coronary arteries.

Now you chia, now you don't.

Coconut oil's rise to fame began after two studies by Columbia University which looked at medium-chain fatty acids, a type of fat present in coconuts. Most agree, though, that we should ditch saturated fats for unsaturated ones, and that includes ditching coconut oil. It contains more than 80% saturated fat, 2 times more than lard, 60% more than beef, and one - third- than butter. Michels went a step ahead and declared coconut oil being pure poison.

But, saturated fat is a loaded term.

And just how do saturated fats harm you? And that, in turn, clogs your arteries.

In her words, any product that contains coconut oil, bad for the cardiovascular system because it contains huge amount of cholesterol carried by low density lipoproteins (LDL). The danger of high cholesterol have been proven. While the increase in HDL may seem good, it's overshadowed by the increase in LDL. Also, some fat is important to help bodies absorb nutrients from other foods. "That is, it raises LDL cholesterol". She also stated that while the similar super foods such as Matcha, Acai, or Chia seeds might not actually be as risky but they surely are exaggerated when it comes to their beneficial aspect.

He says you don't want to layer coconut oil with other saturated fats. "Ideally, cook with plant-based oils like olive, canola and avocado". Many of them believe coconut oil is good for health, but even the American heart Association encourages people to use it with great caution. Now we all have to think twice about coconut oil.



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