Air Canada, WestJet checked baggage fee climbing to $30


Air Canada, WestJet checked baggage fee climbing to $30

The country's two largest airlines are raising the fee for the first checked bag to $30 from $25.

As of Tuesday, Delta, United, and American Airlines were still charging a $25 fee for the first bag checked by an economy passenger on a flight within the USA or Canada.

Both airlines say they have to raise these fees because costs such as fuel are increasing.

"It's tough, it makes it tough, everyone is trying to pack the biggest carry-on and no one can fit it in the overhead bin so it's just a free for all", said Embleton.

Both Air Canada and WestJet are upping their fees for both the first checked bag (from $25 to $30) and the second checked bag (from $30 to $50).

JetBlue is also raising its fee for changing or canceling a ticket worth more than $200 from $150 to $200, matching the fees charged by American, Delta and United for nonrefundable tickets for domestic travel.

Also increasing: change fees. Air Canada earned more than $1 billion from these payments previous year while WestJet collected about $440 million. Some JetBlue passengers, like those have purchased more expensive fares or have reached a specific loyalty program level, may be exempt from these fare hikes.

If you need to check a third bag, you better really need it. JetBlue first started charging passengers to check baggage in 2015. Now those passengers will have the distinction of paying more for checked baggage than those flying with other major USA carriers. Low-fare carriers like Frontier and Spirit Airlines, on the other hand, charge somewhere between $21 to $65 for a passenger's first checked bag.

Adding fees has been something airlines have been doing for decades.

Southwest Airlines the only large US airline that doesn't charge for one checked piece of luggage.



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