After Her Husband Criticises Basketball Star, Melania Trump's Response


After Her Husband Criticises Basketball Star, Melania Trump's Response

His comment sparked a huge reaction from Mr James' supporters - but the most surprising came from First Lady Melania Trump, whose communications director issued a statement that appeared to break ranks with the President.

"I support LJ", Jordan said in the statement.

Lemon responded Saturday morning by calling out the Trump's controversial immigration policies.

This week, LeBron James opened The I Promise School, a fully-funded public elementary school catering to 240 at-risk teenagers in Akron, Ohio. "[LeBron James]. He's doing an unbelievable job for his community".

Earlier this week, James told CNN during an interview with Don Lemon that sport had offered him the opportunity to meet people of different backgrounds and race.

The LeBron James Family Foundation partnered with Akron Public Schools to design the school for students in the area who come from hard circumstances.

Many others from the sports world posted up strong behind James and lambasted Trump for his idiotic denunciation of arguably the nation's most popular athlete today.

Trump also suggested he prefers basketball legend Michael Jordan to James, a possible reference to the keen debate about which of the two men is the better player.

The latest incident began on Friday night when James said on CNN that "he would never sit across" from Mr Trump.

Mrs Trump, however, highlighted the work with a statement released through her spokeswoman. "I like Mike!" -the 45 president garnered over 39 thousand re-tweets as well as a response from his preferred player Michael Jordan; who told NBC News, "I support L.J., he's doing an incredible job for his community". It's unclear if that extends to the First Lady, too. James also said he has no interest in sitting down for a face-to-face meeting Trump.

James has previously criticized Trump on several occasions, publicly supporting Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton before the 2016 election and calling Trump a "bum" in September 2017, after the president rescinded an invitation to the Golden State Warriors to visit the White House after winning the National Basketball Association title.

James has been critical of the president and his administration in the past, and his dislike of CNN has been well established.

James described Trump as a "bum" following the furore.



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