White House Says 'Threat' From Russia Still Exists


White House Says 'Threat' From Russia Still Exists

Even then, Trump made only a narrow retreat on Tuesday, saying he misspoke a single word in Helsinki.

"I think the president did fine", Bannon, a populist and nationalist, said at CNBC's Delivering Alpha conference in NY on Wednesday.

Talking about the Trump-Putin summit, Antonov said: "There are no secret agreements reached at the meetings held in Helsinki, as far as I know".

Trump met North Korea's Kim Jong Un last month in the first meeting between leaders of the two countries, and recently received a letter from Kim expressed hope for "practical actions" in the future. He also didn't back down from comments blaming U.S. "foolishness and stupidity" for the deterioration of relations between Washington and Moscow, rather than Moscow's election meddling, its military incursions into Ukraine and Syria, and its hostility toward U.S. North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies. Russia's prosecutor general wants to interrogate McFaul and other former USA officials in a case against Bill Browder, a businessman who has campaigned for sanctions on Russia ever since his lawyer died in a Russian jail.

Grassley talked to reporters after that exchange became national news as it appeared that the President had just contradicted his own Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats.

"I thought the press conference was fine".

According to a transcript posted by the White House, he said: "My people came to me. they said they think it's Russian Federation".

During the joint news conference with Putin, Trump failed to hold Russian Federation accountable for meddling in the 2016 presidential election. It makes us look like we're buying into Putin's conspiratorial fantasies and they are for political reasons.

"And that statement was not acceptable".

Browder worked with Congress to get the Magnitsky Act passed, preventing foreigners who violate human rights from entering the U.S. The vocal critic of Putin said he would meet with Trump and thinks the president should decisively denounce any suggestion of handing over U.S. officials to Russian Federation for questioning. "And that's the way it's going to be", Trump said. "I have no confidence in Clapper".

GLOR: "What did you say to him?" "But, no, I certainly don't have confidence in past people". But, he added: "I think it was, what, $100,000 worth of Facebook ads? I will say this: I don't see any reason why it would be". "I think it was a strong news conference". People said you should have gone up to him, you shoulda started screaming in his face.

The first lady was also poised and collected while greeting another world leader just days before her encounter with Putin.



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