Trump Walks Back Controversial Comments On Russian Election Interference


Trump Walks Back Controversial Comments On Russian Election Interference

The president could have made the point that former U.S. Ambassador Jack Matlock made last week that the intelligence community had in fact only tentatively concluded that there was official Russian meddling of a very insignificant and ineffectual kind in the 2016 election.

"In a key sentence in my remarks I said the word "would" instead of 'wouldn't, '" Trump said Tuesday. "Sort of a double negative", he said.

Addressing a joint press conference with his Russian counterpart at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki after their summit, Trump said that there was "zero collusion" and that he ran a "clean campaign".

He said that Trump, on the other hand, has expanded sanctions on Russian companies, beefed up North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, increased US defense spending, restored missile defenses to Poland and the Czech Republic and ended the ban of oil exports to try and compete with Russian energy.

"It could be other people also - there's a lot of people out there", he said.

"Have you ever seen the lights go out on a president before?"

Not all Republicans were angry with Trump's conduct in Helsinki.

Republican Senator Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said congressional leaders were searching for the most effective response.

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President Donald Trump during an interview with CBS Evening News

"I have great confidence in my intelligence people, but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today."
I don't see any reason why it would be.

"I don't get it - I just don't get it", said Fox Business host Trish Regan, who occasionally pushes back on Trump and the GOP, arguing that Trump either should have defended the intelligence community and condemned Putin to his face or not taken the meeting in Helsinki.

KIRO Radio's Dori Monson could have a new career in store as a speech-writer for President Trump.

But he also said that "other people" could have been involved, a statement echoing past remarks casting doubt on Russia's role.

Some lawmakers said they would seek remedies against Russian Federation in Congress. "This is about the Russians undermining the USA, not about Donald Trump".

President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that Russian Federation would help with North Korea and offered an enthusiastic update on the US process of negotiating with the antagonistic Asian nation over nuclear weapons. I will say this: "I don't see any reason why it would be, but I really do want to see the server". "I think even President George W. Bush's meeting, where he had that famous quote about looking into Putin's eyes and seeing into his soul - this summit dwarfs that by a factor of a thousand".

"If the president can't say directly to President Putin that he is wrong, and we are right and our intelligence agencies are right, it's ineffective and worse, another sign of weakness", he said.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters that Russian Federation was not a friend of the United States and warned against a repeat of election meddling in November's congressional elections.



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