Trump Slams NATO Spending on Eve of Departure for Summit


Trump Slams NATO Spending on Eve of Departure for Summit

This seems inexplicable given the Russian leader's support for the war criminal Bashar al-Assad in Syria, his illegal invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea, and above all the Russian intrusion into the U.S. political process in 2016 and since-which Trump refuses to recognize. I think it's a sign of how confident the president is that he did nothing wrong. The White House downplayed the significance of the encounter, but experts expressed concern there was no official US record of the talk. Putin will claim that he and Trump have had enough of these institutions, which seek to block Russian Federation and exploit US generosity.

Around half of those polled said that relations between Russian Federation and the U.S. are tense (49%), while the number of those sharing this opinion was 30% in 2017.

Direct contributions to NATO are used to pay the organisation's so-called "civil budget" - 248 million euros in 2018 - which covers the running costs of the Brussels headquarters, and the "military budget" - 1.325 billion in 2018 - which finances NATO's command structure. But if one listens just to her boss, it is not a stretch to wonder just how unified such an global body can be if its most influential and wealthy member appears skeptical of its necessity and the manner in which it is funded.

The two leaders are due to meet on July 16 in Finland, and CNN previously reported Trump plans to meet Putin one-on-one before bringing in others to join their discussions. "They kill us on other things". Donald Trump's open dislike of Germany's Angela Merkel, the UK's Theresa May and Canada's Justin Trudeau, for example, feels deeply rooted and intractable.

"NATO really is making progress, and they are doing it really at President Trump's insistence", Hutchinson said on "Fox News Sunday".

In some ways, of course, we have been here before.

Trump has drawn criticism from members of both parties since taking office for his hesitance to speak out against Putin and Russian Federation, particularly over its attempts to interfere in the 2016 election.

"I do think Russian Federation is trying to flip Turkey; they're trying to flip many of our allies", Hutchison said.

Hutchison, a former senator, said Russian Federation continues to "sow discontent and even false information" over social media in an attempt to divide allied nations.

Representatives of 17 civil society organizations were marching with the slogan "Make peace great again", mimicking Trump's campaign slogan in the 2016 US presidential election of "Making America great again".

Huntsman assured reporters that Trump "knows the facts and the details and he's discussed it".

"Don't watch what he says, watch what we do".

"He has this general view that America's allies have been taking advantage of it, and that all of these arrangements are what he likes to call 'bad deals.' Apparently at the G7 summit, he told our partners that NATO was as bad as NAFTA", said Goldgeier, referring to the North American Free Trade Agreement Trump wants to terminate. In fact, they're howling already.

Most of the non-US Nato members are moving closer to the entirely reasonable goals of spending 2% of gross domestic product on defence and 20% of that on modern equipment. "I'm very concerned President Trump can't help but try to please another autocrat at the expense of our democracy". "And I don't think it's in our long-term best interests in terms of our policy". The statement would describe U.S. "[National Security] Strategy", which states that "the US remains fully committed to the transatlantic alliance and Europe's defense". "They want to destabilize the strongest defense alliance in the history of the world, and that's North Atlantic Treaty Organisation".

The president is not known for studying wonky strategy documents. That's from the good old days, just 12 months ago, when Trump Cabinet officials and his Senate enablers scurried around the world explaining away the president's tweets.



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