Trump Confident North Korea Will 'Honor the Contract' to Denuclearize


Trump Confident North Korea Will 'Honor the Contract' to Denuclearize

During Pompeo's recent trip, meant to negotiate the details of the nuclear agreement signed during the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore, North Korea called denuclearization demands by the USA "gangster-like".

The president sought to address growing doubts that Pyongyang is willing to take concrete steps toward dismantling its nuclear arsenal, the subject of last month's historic summit between Trump and Kim.

Pompeo also told Kono he had raised in the talks in Pyongyang, which ended Saturday, the issue of Japanese abducted by North Korea, a major sticking point for Japan in its relations with North Korea.

Pompeo called on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to replicate Vietnam's "miracle" of economic growth by improving ties with the US, vowing that America keeps its promises with former foes.

But a series of recent reports based on USA intelligence officials and satellite images have shown that the North Koreans are continuing their nuclear activities and expanding infrastructure, raising skepticism over their intentions.

Trump famously declared "there is no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea" after his June 12 summit with the dictator, though the President likely knows the regime still remains a threat.

Pompeo later dismissed those comments, saying the two sides "made progress" and that talks will continue.

Quintana was in South Korea on a week-long mission to meet with government officials, activists, North Korean defectors as well as some of the restaurant workers to gather information for his regular report to the UN General Assembly in October.

The KCNA article read that the North expected the USA would bring a "constructive proposal" meant to help build mutual trust, which the regime was planning to respond to by "doing something" that "corresponds with it".

Whether or not the strong words KCNA used against Pompeo marks a return to its usual forceful but rather empty rhetoric remains unclear.

Russian Federation has invited South Korean President Moon Jae-in, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi Jinping to attend the economic forum as well, Yonhap said.

"It's certainly a setback and a change of heart and a very different picture coming from the North Korean side". Last week, Trump's national security adviser John Bolton said North Korea could be expected to carry out the "bulk" of denuclearisation within a year.

Fully verified, final denuclearization "isn't any softer in stating our shared goal of complete denuclearization", she said.

Practically, assuaging Kim's security fears could require risky choices for the USA and its North Asian allies, such as rolling back America's nuclear umbrella or pulling back its troops in South Korea.

While few think that the world would be better off with increased tensions between the USA and North Korea - except perhaps national security adviser John Bolton - Trump's pathetic attempts at diplomacy have squandered an actual opportunity to move toward long-term peace.



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